特定非営利活動法人 サン・ワールド・ビジョン

理事長 山野 一義

Purpose of Establishment


Here at the Sun Group, we aim to help develop “societies where everyone can enjoy a healthy and happy life together.”
With this goal in mind, we have continued to make yearly donations to the WHO Association of Japan, Japan Committee for UNICEF, and Japanese Red Cross Society.
However, we wanted to take our international contribution one step further, and when we looked around world to see what is most needed today, we found that there are still many children across the globe who are unable to receive an education.
We believe that a sound basic education is imperative if we are to support and empower these children.
We hope to help the many children around the world who are unable to go to school, and do not have access to education, for reasons such as war, conflict, poverty, and hunger.
It is for this reason that we have decided to establish Non Profit Organization Sun World Vision, under the NPO Law of Japan, with the purpose of conducting support activities for children.
As an NPO, we hope to continue working together with you, our valued supporters, to steadily conduct support activities that contribute to society. Our primary goal is to nurture the dreams of children in so-called “developing countries” in Africa and the rest of the world by establishing education centers to oversee their healthy growth. In addition, we hope to contribute widely to society, both in Japan and overseas, through disaster relief activities, activities to promote the spread of foster-parent systems, and health and welfare activities for seniors.

Types of Activities

  • 子供の健全育成を図る活動
    Activities to promote the healthy upbringing of children
  • まちづくりの推進を図る活動
    Activities to promote community development
  • 国際協力の活動
    International cooperation activities
  • 社会教育の推進を図る活動
    Activities to promote social education
  • 保健、医療又は福祉の増進を図る活動
    Activities to enhance health, medicine, and welfare
  • 災害救援活動
    Disaster relief activities
  • 環境の保全を図る活動
    Environmental conservation activities
  • 人権擁護又は平和の推進を図る活動
    Activities to promote human rights and peace
  • 地域安全活動
    Community safety activities


  • 教育施設未整備な地域における学校建設支援事業、教育環境、 向上支援事業およびその地域に関する調査研究、情報収集事業
  • 教育施設未整備な地域で援助する人々への教育支援と援助物資の提供事業
  • 災害救援事業
  • 里親制度の普及および啓蒙活動に関する事業
  • 開発途上国における孤児の救済と教育活動に関する事業
  • 高齢者の介護を図る事業
  • Projects to support school construction in areas with underdeveloped educational facilities; projects to support the improvement of educational environments and surveys and information gathering project in those areas
  • Projects to provide educational support and aid materials to those providing assistance in areas with underdeveloped educational facilities
  • Disaster relief projects
  • Projects related to promotion and raising of awareness for foster-parent systems
  • Projects related to relief and education activities for orphans in developing countries
  • Projects to promote care for seniors